The vision statement for Lakeview Junior High School reflects the feelings and spirit of our school:  

Our vision is that all students at Lakeview Junior High will experience equal access to a well-balanced, challenging education designed to prepare them to think, communicate and achieve to their fullest potential academically, socially, and personally.  

The staff at Lakeview believes that all our students can and will learn.  We may face challenges, we may face barriers, but the effort to meet the academic and social needs of each of our students is highlighted in the goals of the Single School Plan.  The staff is passionate, professional, and cares deeply about the students in our classrooms.  Professional growth opportunities are valued by each staff member, and Professional Learning Community practices are deeply ingrained into the fabric of this campus.  We constantly work as a staff to upgrade our classroom materials, to improve instructional practices, and to expand on the social growth opportunities and activities for our kids.  We understand that this critical two year growth period for our students requires constant care, attention to detail, focus on the whole child, and a certain flexibility in the journey.  Our mission is to support our students, to prepare them for the next step, and to prepare them for the social adjustments required for adulthood.  Our parents are involved, our PTSA is active, and our School Site Council is a watchdog group that helps insures that we continue the positive steps to constant improvement.  We believe that our vision statement and our mission for support and improvement makes us a school that never rests, constantly looks for the path for improvement, and is a valued member of the community.



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School Events
•  Late Start
•  Report cards mailed home

Organizations Events
•  Labs 24 & 25 SBAC testing Block 1, 3, 5,  (Computer Lab Use )
Recurrence: Weekly from 3/23/2015 to 3/30/2015
•  Labs 24 & 25 SBAC testing Block 2, 4, 6  (Computer Lab Use )
Recurrence: Weekly from 3/24/2015 to 3/31/2015
•  Lab 25, per 3, 4, 5 Streeper  (Computer Lab Use )
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/26/2014 to 5/26/2015
•  Lab 25; Per 3 & 4, B Sanders  (Computer Lab Use )
•  SBAC Makeup 24 or 25  (Computer Lab Use )
4/1/2015 to 4/2/2015
•  Lab 24: Per 2 - 6 Cutler  (Computer Lab Use )
Recurrence: Daily from 4/1/2015 to 4/2/2015
•  Lab 25, per 3, 4, 5 Streeper  (Computer Lab Use )
Recurrence: Weekly from 8/28/2014 to 5/28/2015
•  Lab 25, per 3, 4, 5 Streeper  (Computer Lab Use )
Recurrence: Weekly from 9/5/2014 to 5/29/2015
4/3/2015 to 4/10/2015
•  No school...Spring Break  (PTSA)
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